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I have been writing articles for the last 20 years for a variety of publications both print and digital on a eclectic scope of subjects. This has ranged from pieces on football, personal and business finance, investments, films, theatre, spirituality, well being and all matters HR and am currently a regular contributor to ‘HR Review’.

Latest blog posts

  • Not such a 'Smashing Time'! (Film, Theatre, TV & Music) 08-03-2018

    It’s rare for the British Film Institute to show a ‘bad ‘un’ but in its showing of Smashing Time(1967) as part of its ‘Girlfriends: Projecting the Archive’, I think it did that. The film had been referenced at the recent and very good...

  • And it's a welcome to the new site! (Miscellaneous) 04-03-2018

    It's been a fair few years since my website went live and as I have been told by my great webdesign team at Web Design Unlimited, time has moved on and the site was in need of an update - especially when considering the issue of security etc. So...

  • Comfort and Joy - a Tonic! (Film, Theatre, TV & Music) 18-12-2017

    My interest in amateur theatre continues thanks to some very good friends of mine so we ventured out again by visiting (after another carvery you understand…) the very good Theatre 62 who perform out of the Wickham Theatre Centre in West Wickham,...